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I've been writing professionally since 1994, as an IT journalist and business content provider. You can read more about that aspect of my work at Ministry of Prose. You can find out more about me personally at this link.

Missing PlanetThis site is purely for my fiction writing, starting with my space-based science fiction adventure, Missing Planet. I'm serialising this story on a weekly basis, with a new chapter/episode published every Sunday. You can read Missing Planet online or you can contact me directly and I'll email you the story so far in ebook format (epub, mobi or PDF). Please read the foreword for more information.

Donations: If you like my writing, please consider donating a small amount to me, because then I'll write more novels and continue to distribute them freely. You can contact me directly via words@ministryofprose.com to find out how to donate (PayPal, Bitcoin, bank transfer, brown bags full of unmarked cash, etc.).

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